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How to Prep / Flush PC Radiator using Mayhems Blitz Kit - Water-cooling My PC Build Vlog - Part 1

Want to dip your feet into the PC Watercooling scene? Well, join me on my journey into exactly this. In this Part 1 of my water-cooling build vlog, I have started with preparing the radiator, his process is also called "flushing" the radiator.

Why do we need to do this? Well, all radiators no matter how new they are will have some small particles or even build up patina as the radiator on the inside is bare copper. Therefore to get the most performance from your radiator it is vital to have an acid flush to clean out this debris and patina. This is where Mayhems Blitz V2 Radiator and System Cleaning Kit comes into use.

The Mayhems Blitz V2 Radiator and System Cleaning Kit has 2 solutions, one is a hard acid solution (part 1) to clean out the Rad and the other is an alkaline solution (part 2) to ph balance out the acidity left out inside the Rad after doing the part 1 acid treatment.

Watch my detailed instructions on how to use this kit to prepare your PC water-cooling radiator:

If you have any questions or feedback please be free to leave a comment on this video on YouTube or here.

With this, I had the Radiator ready to be part of my water-cooling build.

Parts in this video:

Alphacool NexXxoS XT 45 V2 360mm

Mayhems Blitz Kit V2:

Amazon US (affiliate link)

Amazon UK (affiliate link)



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