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DXRacer Air/Master a Gamer's Dream Gaming Chair

DXRacer does not need any introduction, they are a well-known and sought-after Gaming Chair manufacturer. And around Q1 2021 they released their new top-tier line-up of gaming chairs the DXRacer Air and DXRacer Master. Both use the same frame, however, they cater to the different needs of gamers.

The DXRacer Air is the full-mesh gaming chair, for those who want a cooler bottom and sweat-free back. while the DXRacer Master is for those who crave a premium feel with microfiber leather seats like Nappa Leather and integrated lumbar support. Both these chairs are modular, meaning you can buy additional accessories like Tab/Mobile-phone holder, Laptop stand, cup holders, RGB lighting and many more.

First Impressions and Installation guide video

Long Term Review Video


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